A Major Upgrade

Note: Caboodle 2 will open your existing data (if any), and you can save it wherever you like. Any changes won't affect your version 1 data.

Version 2 is a modern redesign of the handy snippet keeper app, with many much-requested enhancements, including:

  • Caboodle now supports multiple documents, so you can have one for work, one for personal, or organize by project, etc.
  • Save on Dropbox or iCloud Drive to share (yes, supports editing on multiple Macs!).
  • The data is now stored in a much improved format, as a package containing standard rich text documents.
  • Much better performance with large documents!
  • Custom fields can now be dragged to reorder them.
  • Improved text area, with a new text format bar, inline find bar, and support for inline markup of images.
  • Spotlight searching.
  • Modernized appearance.
  • And much more!

Please also note that Caboodle 2 requires macOS Yosemite (10.10) or later, as it leverages recent technologies. If you're still using an older OS version, you can remain on version 1 until you upgrade your OS version.

Version 2 will be a paid upgrade. But you can use the beta at no additional cost.


Want more details?

Caboodle 2 has many more improvements; too many to cover here! See the full release notes for details.

I hope you enjoy the many improvements in Caboodle 2!

Download and try Caboodle for free!

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