Changes in skEdit and Nuggit 1.2.2

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skEdit and Nuggit 1.2.2 have been released. The main fixes are listed below

This release focused on bug fixes:

  • Fixed a small issue when running on 10.6.x
  • Fixed some issues with the License manager
  • Fixed an issue with the Snippet Manager Key equivalent
  • SKDT-1 – Duplicating a skEdit Theme caused a crash
  • SKDT-3 – File view width isn’t saved in a project view
  • SKDT-2 – Setting the color in preferences has an issue
  • SKDT-6 – Fixed a issue with overriding a class method
  • SKDT-7 – Stop skEdit from re-opening empty window shells after crash
  • Multiple general stability improvements

Preferences — Files
One new change is how files are opened, the new default behavior is to open the files in a new window if you would like to change it back to the old way where it opens a new file in the same window then check “Open in-front tabbed window”, if the front window is a project window or un-tabbed window then it will create a new tabbed window and open the file in that.

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