Executing a script from inside skEdit and Nuggit

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I have always thought that it would be very useful to execute a script from within skEdit or Nuggit, either for testing or to actually run it.

So I created the script that would allow us to do just that.

Download to Code CollectorView Snippet

Just like with the script for the Markdown language I did, this has a similar set of steps.

In order to use it you will need to add the script in.
1) go to the scripts menu in the top menu bar (it is the scroll looking thing)
2) Select edit scripts, this will bring up a view of scripts
3) In my case I opened the directory called “10-Open”
4) I then created a new file called Execute.py in the new directory.
5) Copy the contents of the snippet from codecollector.net into the new file and click save
6) Go back up to the Scripts menu and select “Reload scripts”

You have now added it into skEdit

To use it
1) open a document which contains the script that you would like to execute
2) go up to the scripts menu, select Open and then select the choice that you would like use. ⌘+⇧+E will also work to execute the script.

That should be it. If there are issues please contact support.

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